Your Life Arizona is AZ Family Marketing's lifestyle marketing show on 3TV that gives you the opportunity to showcase your business to the local community. 

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Why Your Life Arizona?

Your Life Arizona is Arizona’s most sought-after lifestyle and entertainment program. The show is hosted by Suzanne Bissett and Darrell J. Cunningham and airs Monday through Saturday at 10 a.m. on 3TV. Your Life Arizona’s segments create content integration opportunities for clients. Moving away from the traditional in-studio interview model, Your Life Arizona’s focus is storytelling. Let our award-winning team of producers and hosts bring your product or service to life for our viewers!


What Your Life Arizona can do for your business

  • Today’s consumers are driven by compelling storytelling and our team of experts have worked in the storytelling business for more than 20+ years. Let us work with your business to tell your unique story.
  • Together we can get an immediate, direct response from viewers, provide category exclusivity within the show, position you as an expert in your field and allow you the time you to really educate and inform viewers about your business. 



What’s new to Your Life Arizona?

  • Fully pre-produced
    • Your Life Arizona is a fully pre-produced show. This means that all segments are shot and edited in advance. This allows our team to create a highly produced product that will drive viewership and direct response for you, our client!
  • On location segments
    • On location or “offsite” segments are the easiest way for you to reach your target audience by showcasing your business or product as it exists. Viewers want to see locations or understand how the produce could be incorporated into their lives. On location shoots allow our team to more effectively tell your story. 

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