CBS 5 and 3TV are trusted sources for news, lifestyle, and entertainment programming. Our stations provide large scale reach and higher recall for your message with commercials, product placement, integrations, and sponsorship opportunities.

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Our Local Stations

Arizona’s Family is the country’s strongest local media brand, along with two of the country’s most innovative television stations, 3TV (KTVK) and CBS 5 (KPHO) and the state’s most powerful digital destination

Arizona’s Family is the choice for Arizonans when it comes to news, weather and entertainment programming. We have the pulse on our community from breaking news to community events. The stations are home to Arizona’s Weather Authority, Arizona’s most meteorologists with more than 100 years of experience forecasting all kinds of weather.

Arizona’s first television station, CBS 5, is an investigative powerhouse giving a voice to the voiceless and shining a light on stories that help drive change in our community. Home to some of Arizona’s most-watched primetime programming, the Masters, Super Bowl LIV and The Grammys, CBS 5 is also a programming powerhouse.                       

3TV is by far the most successful independent station in the nation. The hyper-local independent spirit of 3TV is showcased in its popular morning show Good Morning Arizona. 3TV’s independent status allows the station to own breaking news and follow a story from beginning to end and Arizonans time and time again choose 3TV for breaking news. That paired with the country’s most popular syndicated in Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Dr. Phil, The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Drew Barrymore Show, 3TV’s power can not be matched.

The power of 3TV and CBS 5 along with our digital powerhouse in is a winning reach and frequency combination that will drive tangible results for your business. Never underestimate the power of family…Arizona’s Family.

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TV Advertising

TV advertising can include an array of different tactics. We can help your business create a cohesive campaign via commercials, product placement, long-form integrations, and other custom sponsorship opportunities to reach your business goals. Our full-service, award-winning production department can handle your broadcast television needs from concepting to script development all the way through completion.

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