Which Social Media Platforms are Right for Your Brand?

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Apr 6, 2022 10:45:00 AM


Which Social Media Platforms are Right for Your Brand?

Social media marketing is an essential tactic for every brand. To attract engaged leads from your target audience, you need a strong online presence. There are dozens of social media platforms available, so how do you know which one is right for your brand? Let's examine the types of content and users on the biggest ones to find out. 

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Facebook attracts 2.7 billion users each month, making it the most populated social media platform. Most of its users are between the ages of 25 and 34, with around 6% more men than women. While these are the most prevalent users, a Facebook marketing strategy can be flexible for any target demographic.  

Facebook has a lot of different ad types for your business to utilize, such as carousels and slideshows. These allow users to scroll through pictures of your products or watch a quick video. Often, these idle scrollers will convert into actual leads if something catches their eye! Facebook also has a generous character limit for text posts, allowing you to create some compelling marketing copy.  

Facebook is a valuable platform for users to find like-minded friends and form groups around specific interests. If your company doesn't have a strong brand community, Facebook can help you grow one! 


This is a primarily visual platform that has seen consistent growth in the past few years. Over 60% of its users are Millennials or Gen Z generation. Companies with tangible products to sell, such as clothing and makeup, all usually excel on this platform. E-commerce brands also enjoy more leads from Instagram, which is excellent for small online businesses.

It's also important to keep in mind the standard that Instagram users expect from any company. Your company's profile page should be clean and organized, with any shop or other social media links in your description. The photos that you post should also be high-quality and display your products in an appealing way. Don't just snap a quick picture and call it a day: show the audience what your product can do!   

An Instagram marketing strategy is also one of the best ways to leverage influencer appeal. When your product has the endorsement of a social media star, your brand is guaranteed to attract leads from their massive audience. In 2021, a whopping 93% of marketers said that they would use Instagram for influencer marketing. 


Pinterest is another visual platform, and many of its users also use Instagram. However, Pinterest users are usually older, and most are moms and homemakers. Since moms have a lot of purchasing power, they're a valuable target to engage. The best companies for Pinterest should offer home goods, clothing, or cooking supplies. Pinterest is also an excellent place to share graphics with recipes, to-do lists, or other forms of engaging content


TikTok is a video creation and sharing app popular with Gen Z, attracting 60% of its users from this demographic. TikTok is also the most popular place besides Instagram to get influencer endorsements. Any company that can create eye-catching videos showcasing their products and image will do well on TikTok. TikTok ads are 67% more likely to grab the audience's attention compared to other platforms. 


Typically, LinkedIn is not a website that users visit during the idle hours of their day. They often go there for the specific purpose of researching new hires or connecting with other business professionals. As such, advertisers need to provide something useful to this audience. This might include recruitment companies, web hosting services, and office software. 


Like Facebook, Twitter also generates a large group of audience members between 25-34. Since your text posts are limited to just 280 characters, it's not the best place for long-form content. Snappy posts that showcase a brand's voice and relatability generally do well on this platform. 

Twitter has also become something of a customer service hub. Consumers know that this is the best place for a brand to answer their questions quickly. If your company needs to improve or enhance its image, Twitter is a great platform. Satisfied customers often feel compelled to leave reviews, attracting more leads to your company! 


YouTube ads have some of the best targeting capabilities across any platform. You can place your ads in videos categorized by topic, keywords, category, and more. This makes it easy for advertisers to reach their audience through this medium. The best YouTube ads often play out like a TV commercial. They're funny, engaging and make the brand in question stand out from their rivals. If you can create something like that, you'll have an effective YouTube advertising strategy. 

Which Platforms are the Best for Your Brand to Appeal to Your Ideal Audience? 

Every social media platform has its own strengths and unique interfaces to captivate your audience. It's not always easy to decide your brand's best fit, especially if your audience uses multiple social media platforms. A media partner can help you get the best results on all of your social media campaigns

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