What is Lifestyle Marketing?

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What is Lifestyle Marketing?

Have you ever wondered how your business could come across as more relatable and connect with your audiences on a deeper level? Maybe you're getting the kind of results you want from your current marketing strategies, but you want to establish a stronger relationship with a specific audience segment. If you think it might be time to try something new and different with your marketing, lifestyle marketing might be the right solution for your business. 

Here we'll review how integrating lifestyle marketing can benefit your business with the right approach to illustrate the value of these strategies.

Learn How to Effectively Measure Your ROI

What Exactly Is Lifestyle Marketing?

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 9.48.13 AMYou can approach lifestyle marketing in different ways depending on your brand and audiences. For instance, you could show how your products integrate into people's everyday lives and facilitate a lifestyle they already lead. On the other hand, you could also show how your audience may achieve a more luxurious lifestyle with your products or services. 

The former can make your business more relatable to an audience looking to enhance their daily lives, while the latter gives your customers the sense that they belong to an exclusive club with your offerings. Either way, lifestyle marketing can be very effective when implemented appropriately.

What Your Strategy Could Look Like

One way to implement lifestyle marketing could be to appeal to luxury and a lifestyle that an audience already leads. For instance, a company that sells a line of health and beauty products may be able to imbue their products with a sense of exclusivity while simultaneously promoting the natural, eco-friendly ingredients they use. 

TV commercials could highlight that luxury with a flashy and appealing presentation to illustrate the value of possessing this product. Meanwhile, the company website and other digital marketing efforts detail how the company takes care to protect the environment and customers with organic products that prevent adverse health effects. 

In doing so, the company connects with environmentally conscious audiences who make careful purchasing decisions, all while giving customers the sense that they're part of an elite group when in possession of these products.

Lifestyle Marketing Is Highly Effective, with the Data to Prove It

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 9.43.46 AMThrough lifestyle marketing, your brand has the chance to connect with audiences much more effectively than generic marketing campaigns. A strong campaign can show that your brand shares the same values as your audience, which can go a long way in gaining their trust. 

Seventy-seven percent of people buy from brands that share the same values, including the values inherent in a particular lifestyle. If you want your brand to appear more meaningful to your audiences, lifestyle marketing can allow you to express the same or similar values that go hand-in-hand with your audience's lifestyle.

The Benefits of Lifestyle Marketing

There are multiple critical benefits of using lifestyle marketing for many brands.

Increased Brand Awareness

Lifestyle marketing campaigns can feature more narrowly targeted advertising, which helps them connect more effectively among audiences and keep your brand on the surface of their minds. If you use TV networks and other platforms that your audiences regularly view or use, you can ensure you get in front of them with more relevant content that engages them.

Establish a More Personal Connection with Consumers

Another advantage of lifestyle marketing is the ability to personalize your marketing to speak to audiences more directly. You can relate your products or services to specific audience segments based on their routines and show how you could improve their lives or elevate them to a new level. If people feel like your brand understands them and their individual needs, your marketing efforts will resonate much more.

Show the Value of Your Products Without Being Pushy

Lifestyle marketing is also more relaxed than other marketing types, allowing you to effectively market your brand and offerings by showing the value they bring. You don't need to rely on intrusive and potentially pushy ads to keep your brand top-of-mind if your marketing simply shows the benefits you offer to consumers in a relatable way.

Where to Get Started on Your Next Campaign

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 12.23.46 PMWith lifestyle marketing campaigns behind your brand, you can connect with audiences in a way that other methods simply cannot. From local TV appearances to highly stylized ads that speak to a particular lifestyle, you can give your marketing a personal touch that stays in your audience's mind. While lifestyle marketing can be extremely effective when used the right way, you may be wondering how to get started on your next campaign.

To help you develop and launch a successful lifestyle marketing campaign and get the most from these opportunities, consider working with an experienced media partner. With the help of an experienced media partner, you can get the ROI you want from your strategies and meet other business goals you've set.

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