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If you're just starting a new business in Arizona, marketing can be a confusing topic. With so many misconceptions about advertising out there, marketing can become even more confusing than it already might be.

The fact is that starting a new business in Arizona requires sufficient marketing in Arizona to reach your target audiences. Unfortunately, the common marketing misconceptions that business owners encounter may lead to underperforming or undeveloped campaigns that hinder their company's performance.

Whether marketing in Phoenix or marketing in Tucson, the following are some common debunked marketing myths.

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1. High-Quality Offerings Sell Themselves

One common misconception about marketing in Arizona is that good products and services don't require marketing to back them. If you rely on word-of-mouth marketing and good reviews to boost business on their own, you'll fall behind more active competitors.

Keep in mind that there are many big competitors you'll need to get ahead of in Arizona, including large, well-established corporations. Even if your offerings are as good or better than those competitive giants, you won't stand out without effective marketing. Your successful competitors are only successful in large part because of their marketing efforts. Your business won't be any different in this regard.

2. Marketing Isn't Helpful for Small Arizona Businesses

One of the biggest small business marketing mistakes is the decision to avoid marketing due to the perceived waste of time and money. However, you can do a lot even with a small budget and team. The key is planning your campaigns and developing successful strategies that get the results you want. This entails creating high-quality ads along with content-driven marketing plans that put you on the map.

Over time, as your budget grows, you can expand on your marketing efforts and make the most of your available budget. Powerful analytics tools will also help you monitor and track the progress of your campaigns.

In addition, effective marketing helps you reach your target audiences to boost brand awareness and sales. Like in any other state, Arizona audiences have specific demographics, some of which your business will connect with more than others. Reaching the right people at the right time is critical in helping you grow.

3. Marketing Won't Require Much Work

Business owners who are new to marketing may also believe that it's easy, but this is not the case. Marketing is particularly challenging in a state like Arizona, where many customers need to become aware of and trust businesses. According to CNBC, Arizona ranks 30th in the top states for business, with higher costs of doing business and other complications that make effective marketing crucial for companies' success.

Even in states and cities where businesses can more easily thrive, marketing takes a lot of time and energy. It will also cost you money as you need to ensure your campaigns reach and resonate with target audiences. The more effort you dedicate to your marketing strategies, the more they'll be able to excel.

4. Results from Marketing Efforts Take Little Time

People who aren't familiar with how marketing works tend to believe that results should take as little as days or weeks to see. For example, they might think that SEO efforts should get them on the first page of Google search results within a week of making significant changes to their website. The truth is that even the best SEO practices may take months to yield optimal results.

When it comes to marketing, patience truly is a virtue that you must have. With the combination of hard work and dedication, you will begin to see results over time. Just don't be disappointed when they don't become immediately apparent.

5. Marketing Only Helps Attract New Customers

Marketing isn't only for bringing in new prospective customers. Once people have purchased from you or become clients, you'll want to maximize their customer lifetime value (CLV). With a high CLV for each customer, you can generate repeat purchases and keep customers loyal to your brand. As a result, you'll continue to flourish ahead of the competition.

You can reach your existing audiences and keep them engaged through retargeting ads, email marketing, social media marketing, and other efforts. Conversely, neglecting these audiences can only serve to set you back as you rely on new customer acquisition alone.

Succeed in Your Marketing Efforts With Arizona’s Family

If you want your business to have a fighting chance in the Arizona market, you must avoid these and other marketing mistakes. If you own a small business and are new to marketing, you may not be sure how to approach your strategies.

To eliminate this uncertainty and get your business on the right track with winning campaigns, turn to Arizona’s Family Marketing. We can work with you as your trusted media partner to give your small business marketing strategies the attention they need. 

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