Should You Advertise During March Madness?

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Millions of people watch sporting events every year and get excited about their favorite teams. Because of their popularity, there are many benefits of advertising during major sporting events. Sports marketing can help you establish a strong connection with loyal fans, and you'll be able to maximize your visibility. If you're not engaging in sports marketing for your business, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to reach your target audiences.

One of the biggest sporting events of the year is March Madness, which attracts tens of millions of viewers every year. With the next March Madness event coming up, you should take the time to market for it and take full advantage of this opportunity. 

Let’s explore the specific benefits of sports marketing, along with the advantages of advertising during March Madness.

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Why Is Sports Marketing a Good Investment for Your Business?

If you're new to it, you might ask, "What is sports marketing?" Put simply, sports marketing entails preparing ads and other marketing content to connect with audiences while aligning your brand with specific events and teams. With the help of sports marketing campaigns, you'll be able to benefit from the hype leading up to minor and major sporting events of all types, which can increase brand awareness and sales. 

There are multiple benefits of sports marketing. For example, sports fans become more active regarding TV viewing. This would enable you to attract more attention with TV ads when people watch live events. Additionally, many sports fans use social media when watching events, giving you another way to reach them.

Sports marketing can also drive sales in a couple of ways. First, sports fans are already willing to spend more on impulse purchases when watching sports. They're also more likely to purchase from sponsors that side with their favorite teams and players. 

Together, these and other benefits can dramatically increase ROI through effective sports marketing campaigns. 

5 Benefits of Advertising During March Madness 

There are many significant events that you can target with sports marketing efforts throughout the year. One of the earlier events worth investing in is March Madness. Advertising during March Madness can align your brand with popular NCAA teams and players, leading fans to positively associate your brand with them. 

If you're not sure what makes March Madness a special time of year for sports marketing, the following are some specific marketing advantages throughout this event.

1. Fans Stay Engaged for a Longer Period

Unlike many other sporting events, March Madness lasts for weeks, with many fans preparing brackets as early as the beginning of the year. In the process, fans often conduct a lot of research into players and teams online. This gives you plenty of opportunities to connect with these fans through digital marketing and other efforts. Your campaigns can also last much longer than other types of sports marketing campaigns.

2. Increase Brand Awareness Among New Audiences

Many people who watch March Madness may not be aware of your brand. While you may have targeted other audiences with previous campaigns, a March Madness campaign can put your brand in front of millions of others. Throughout this event, you can use a combination of digital and TV marketing to connect with new audiences at all different levels.

3. March Madness-Related Content Can Resonate with Fans

Using March Madness-themed TV ads and other content can engage these audiences in ways other content might not. When building hype around certain teams, you can take the opportunity to promote giveaways that hinge on the results of each game. Meanwhile, social media campaigns can further connect with fans, encouraging followers to discuss their predictions and favorite players or teams while engaging with your brand.

4. Connect Commercials with Online Efforts

With the help of March Madness commercials, you can reach audiences who may not find you online as easily. During March Madness and other events, TV advertising can help supplement your online campaigns. In fact, one study discovered that TV ads lead to an average increase of 4.7% in immediate visitors. People are also likely to use smartphones and other devices when watching TV, leading them to immediately research your brand after seeing your ads.

5. Get the Most from Multi-Channel Campaigns

You can maximize your brand's reach during March Madness by utilizing all channels. In addition to TV ads, you can advertise with March Madness-related social media ads, paid media ads, and retargeting ads. Social media posts, blog posts, and videos targeting March Madness can also extend your reach and dramatically increase engagement.

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March Madness is an excellent time of year to advertise your business, but you need to know how to approach your campaigns properly. With the help of Arizona’s Family Marketing, you'll get all the resources and expertise required to make your marketing strategy a success.

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