Marketing Ideas for Law Firms

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Marketing Ideas for Law Firms

Law firms need to approach their marketing a bit differently from other types of businesses. They're different in their need for consistent advertising, as they need to build a sense of familiarity among their audiences. Legal clients want to know that they can put their trust in an attorney who will likely be working with them for months or even years while settling a case. Unlike other businesses, law firms aren't selling any products or services that people may purchase even when they don't necessarily need them at the time. Instead, law firms need to remain visible and trustworthy when people need their services.

To connect with audiences and gain their trust, you need to know how to approach your marketing strategies effectively. Want to learn more about how to market your law firm? Here we'll review some marketing ideas for a law firm to help get you started on your next campaign.

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Create a Brand Awareness TV Commercial

Producing a high-quality TV commercial for brand awareness is one of the best ways for law firms to connect with their audiences. Well-made commercials can maximize reach through local TV and increase recognition among their audiences.

Marketing Ideas for Law FirmsIt's essential to create a unique positioning statement that differentiates your firm from competitors during the production process. This will help make sure your message stands apart from the other noise that competing firms are making. Lawyers frequently rely on TV ads to reach a large portion of their audiences, so you must do what you can to stand out.

TV commercials are so integral to law firms' success that people don't typically contact lawyers until they need representation. As a result, people don't spend a lot of time researching attorneys and legal issues when they don't need to. They're often so eager that they contact the first attorney who comes to mind, which just might come to them while watching TV.

In your commercials, you could prominently feature your lead attorney, along with other legal staff, as you discuss what makes your legal services different and worth trusting. Discuss the benefits of working with your firm and do what you can to help people remember how to contact your firm with a unique phone number.

Deploy a Digital Campaign

Another vital tool for law firms is targeted digital advertising, which is just as important as TV commercials if you want to boost your firm's brand awareness. People are likely to encounter your digital ad campaigns on websites or while browsing their social media feeds. The convenience here is that even if your audiences don't currently need your services, you'll remain visible to them and make sure people think of your firm first if they ever require your services.

Consistent digital advertising means more visibility and recognition, so it's essential to be consistent with your digital advertising. Like their TV counterparts, digital image and video ads could feature your lead attorney and legal team, along with contact information with a clear call-to-action. Your visual ads can appear on websites and social media pages, while paid search ads can make sure you're seen in search engines. Meanwhile, your video ads can appear on social media or YouTube and other streaming sites, working alongside your TV ads.

Send Out an Email Sequence

Marketing Ideas for Law FirmsLawyers can also benefit hugely from the use of effective email campaigns, including sequences that are based on people's actions. You can use email to connect with people who are already on your email list to encourage them to refer your firm, with the incentive of referral bonus offers. Referral offers are great for attorneys as they get others to help ensure your firm remains visible while acquiring new clients.

Firms could have email lists of potential or past clients, to whom they send monthly updates or useful content that keeps them engaged with the firm. If those recipients need legal services or know of someone who needs them, those firms will likely be the first ones they'll consider. Email can ultimately go a long way in attracting new clients as a reliable complement to your advertising efforts.

Maintain Visibility and Familiarity with These Marketing Ideas for a Law Firm

With effective marketing, your law firm can stand out from the myriad of competing firms and ensure that you're the first to contact when people need representation. Most importantly, law firms need to do what they can to maintain consistency across all of their marketing efforts, from TV commercials and digital ads that promote the firm to email sequences that keep contacts in touch. With a comprehensive, integrated marketing campaign behind their brand, law firms will have the chance to establish trust among their audiences and stay top-of-mind.

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