Helping Others Helps You: Cause Marketing Tips for Business Success

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Cause Marketing Tips for Business Success

Cause marketing is a marketing campaign or initiative where a for-profit business partners with a non-profit organization to support essential issues. Incorporating this type of campaign strengthens your brand’s reputation while increasing your customer base. Your customers will feel better buying from you because they feel better about your brand overall. Eighty-seven percent of consumers buy products because the company supports causes relevant to them

Types of cause marketing can range from donating proceeds of sales to substantive affiliation with or sponsorship of a nonprofit. In this blog post, we'll discuss strategies and tips to make your cause marketing as successful as possible.

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6 Cause Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Succeed

Focusing on local issues and missions is the best way to begin cause marketing for businesses. It’s a great way to give back to the community and appeal to your target market. 

1. Partner With Other Local Organizations

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 11.35.03 AMWorking with local organizations is a great way to grow roots in your community and make substantive change. Check your local chamber of commerce to see if they have a list of non-profits and charitable organizations looking for partners. Working together with them gets your brand in front of a larger relative audience and affiliates you with the organization’s positive representation. 

Depending on the non-profit, they may need sponsorships, resources, or even space in your store for meetings or events. Partnering with them can turn their associates into advocates for your brand while you show the community that you support them.

2. Support a Cause That Is Important to Your Community

Every community has its individual causes close-at-heart to resident consumers. These can include social justice issues that have a unique impact on the community, environmental issues specific to your region's features and species, and other causes. Your audience is more likely to engage with missions that are close to them, and it shows them the tangible effects of your efforts.

As you narrow down your list of potential efforts, poll your employees to see what they're interested in. They live in the community and may have unique insights into how you can serve your region and your target market. Their advice is hugely helpful and will improve your employee relationship. You’ll get a more engaged workforce and one that will stay with you longer. Your employees want to proud of where they work, that’s why 35% of employees are considering leaving their jobs because they’re not addressing social issues. Cause marketing helps you engage with your employees just as much as your consumers.

3. Host Virtual Events and Toy or Food Drives for Your Community

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 11.35.10 AMPublic events are a great way to bring new consumers to your business, both physically and virtually. You can hold events or have a prominent drop-off spot for donations. More people will stop by, and it's a visual cue to your affiliation with local causes. 

If you're unsure how your company can have a direct role with non-profits, drives provide an easy but meaningful option. It’s also a fantastic starting point. Once you have community connections, you can expand your efforts.

4. Highlight Your Efforts on Your Website and Social Media Channels

An essential step in cause marketing is marketing. Even if your activities and initiatives are already public, it's critical to call attention to them as part of your ongoing marketing efforts. You can do this by:

  • Posting the dates and times of drives or events on your social media channels
  • Celebrating at the end of drives or sustained initiatives
  • Discussing your goals, especially if your cause marketing ties directly to your products or services
  • Advertising the event through your channels

5. Paint a Positive Picture

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 11.35.16 AMCause marketing should always be as positive as possible, and being authentic is vital. If you're addressing social issues in your community, don't be afraid to discuss areas where your own business needs to grow while showcasing victories. Humanize your brand by addressing your own shortcomings and acknowledge that you’re a part of the community.

If your cause marketing takes the form of a food drive, event sponsorship, or any campaign with a goal, share your results. You can tell your audience about the number of profits donated, the number of items collected, or how many people attended the event. These numbers are a "win" for everyone involved, and this helps you spread your message even after an event concludes.

6. Encourage Your Audience to Join the Cause

Ending cause marketing messages with a promotional call-to-action can end the interaction on a sour note. You still need to drive your audience to action, so instead of telling them to make a purchase, invite them to join the cause! Whether it's spreading the word on an exciting statistic, stopping by to make a donation, or even seeing what's on the calendar for your non-profit partner, you can cultivate engagement and connect with your market.

Local Businesses Succeed With Strong Local Cause Marketing

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 11.37.47 AMCause marketing is something that businesses, employees, and consumers can all feel good about. Positive branding makes your company stand out from the crowd, especially if you find a niche local cause your audience cares deeply about. If you’re having trouble connecting to your community, working with a media partner can help elevate your business and make your cause marketing campaign a success.

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