Consumer Benefits of Targeted Advertising

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Dec 3, 2020 7:30:00 AM


Consumer Benefits of Targeted Advertising

Consumers like it when an ad feels like it was geared toward them, mainly if it's for a product or service they have been thinking about for some time. They could be scrolling through their Facebook feed one day, when they come across an ad that grabs their attention.

It could be an ad for a product or service that they have been thinking about and researching, but they have not moved forward with a purchase. The ad looks reputable, and the messaging seems to speak to them directly, with a final call-to-action to visit the company's website. The consumer decides to purchase. The link on the ad takes them to the product page, they add the product to their cart and swiftly check out. The buyer feels satisfied with their decision, making them likely to return to you for additional purchases.

If you want to give your audiences what they're looking for, targeted advertising is invaluable. The following are some specific reasons why targeted ads are suitable to use for connecting with consumers.

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Consumers Feel Tailored To

Consumer Benefits of Targeted AdvertisingAds can be invasive to the point of annoyance, but you're more likely to attract consumers when you use targeted advertising. Targeted ads feel less "in your face" than traditional ads, and they're often more personalized based on the user's specific interests.

Consumers want to feel as though the brand marketing to them understands their wants and needs. Targeted marketing campaigns can showcase that understanding and advertise a solution to the audience's pain points.

Twitter revealed earlier in 2020 that they saw a 29% boost in ad engagements in Q4 2019 because of improved relevance and ad targeting. This number is likely to increase among many platforms beyond Twitter as targeting continues to improve.

Consumers Can Relate to the Content

Consumers have specific problems and pain points that they want companies they trust to address. When ads speak to those issues, consumers can relate to them. They're also more likely to trust the business behind those ads since they feel the brand understands them better than competitors.

One example of a brand that worked to understand its audience and cater to them was Hinge. Hinge's "Let's Be Real" campaign addressed the challenges many people face in online dating. Hinge developed real-life stories that could connect with its audience based on customer data, along with the insight that 81% of Hinge users never developed long-term relationships on swiping apps. Hinge understood that people craved a robust and honest connection, and it created ads with stories based on customers' experiences to appeal to their emotions. 

If you can create relatable content that truly resonates with your audience and shows how you can solve their problems, they'll be far more likely to turn to you.

It Doesn't Feel Like Such a Hard Sell

Consumers have many varying opinions on ads, with individual takes that span a wide variety of perceptions. Some people perceive ads as nuisances that they would rather ignore, while others are indifferent to them. Meanwhile, others are even appreciative of ads that introduce them to something that appeals to their interests.

Consumer Benefits of Targeted AdvertisingOne of the reasons many people don't like ads is because of their often random nature. People don't want to face ads that mean nothing to them and only lead them to search for the "X" in the corner or the "skip" button. However, if you can use targeted ads that touch audiences personally and feature relatable, engaging content, you can keep people from looking for an exit. The key is using behavioral data to your advantage to develop ads that your audience wants to see, whether they feature messaging that targets a particular demographic or specific products based on a customer's past purchases.

The more you can target your ads, the more you'll be able to magnetize people as opposed to deter them. In turn, targeted ads can offer far better ROI than the old "spray and pray" method of random ad campaigns on larger scales. While traditional outbound campaigns consist of movements that entail pushing generic ads in front of as many people as possible, you don't need to waste your time and money on these with today's targeting capabilities.

Truly Connect with Audiences Using Targeted Advertising

Working with a media partner can be beneficial when considering the use of targeted ads. You'll be able to drastically increase conversions and sales by giving people what they want. By catering to consumers' wants and needs, creating relatable content that resonates, and making it easier for your target audience to make a buying decision, you can harness the power of targeted ads to supercharge your campaigns.

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