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At Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria, customer service is a top priority, landing the dealership a #1 rank in U.S. Hyundai customer satisfaction. Every day, they aim to support the community and offer something back to their loyal customers who have contributed to their story. 

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The Problem 

At Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria, they had been doing their marketing the same way for several years. They had seen high sales, but the dealership team aimed to increase its reach even more. The dealership wanted to do more than share information about the business and the cars it had to offer. They wanted to share more about who the dealership is and how it's impacted the community.  

They needed a unique way to tell their story: to offer an attention-catching narrative that would share the specifics of the awards and honors the company has received and why those awards are so important.  

At Larry H. Miller Hyundai, it's about so much more than making sales. They wanted to introduce the tagline, "It Matters Where You Do Business," and share secondary messaging about how the company and its employees work to give back to the community.  

The Goals  

Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria had several clear goals for their next campaign. They wanted to provide updated information about their sales and promotions without issuing excessively "salesy" content. The dealership also aimed to share more information about their awards, making their employees a critical part of the commercial messaging.  

Next, putting the General Manager in a focal spot would allow him to "tell the Larry H. Miller Hyundai story." Lastly, they wanted to introduce the "It Matters Where You Do Business" tagline and provide secondary messaging about the company's overall philanthropy.  

The Solution   

Arizona's Family Marketing team used several tools as part of a cohesive marketing campaign that would help incorporate all of their goals and objectives.  

"The partnership with Arizona's Family Marketing felt like the one for us because we knew they were the team best to deliver that brand messaging," notes Rick Trinkl, General Manager of Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria and Larry H. Miller Genesis Peoria. 

That marketing campaign included several key elements. First, Arizona's Family Marketing team suggested that Larry H. Miller Hyundai use commercial messaging that fit the general manager and his employees directly, explaining for themselves why doing business with the dealership is better than other dealerships in the area.  

Next, they added in the new tagline, "It Matters Where You Do Business," as part of each commercial.  

The team incorporated 30 messages showcasing the dealership's specific activities to give back to the community: a powerful reminder of how buyers can "vote" with their buying power and support the businesses that matter most within the local community.   

Finally, the team added ten spots that featured the General Manager as he reinforced the "It Matters Where You Do Business" message.  

In addition, the Larry H. Miller Hyundai team added specific messaging that provided support, hope, and encouragement throughout the pandemic. They highlighted, for example, many of the offers designed to help keep first responders and other essential personnel on the road, including free sanitizing of cars during this challenging period.  

The Results  

The partnership with Arizona's Family Marketing helped Larry H. Miller Hyundai achieve immense success. Thanks to their latest campaign, the dealership has seen top sales months like never before. This spike in sales occurred despite the pandemic and other factors that could have decreased sales across the industry.  

Larry H. Miller Hyundai has also seen a significant increase in brand awareness, including consumer awareness of the benefits the company provides throughout the community. People know that the dealership has a strong local presence and that its employees are willing to go the extra mile, and they're showing their support by continuing to come in more frequently than ever.   

"The people at Arizona's Family Marketing are amazing to work with and are incredibly responsive. They provide positive feedback, and the turn-around times are quick. Any time we've asked for a change, they've never said no," says Rick. "We intend to continue the relationship in the long run. It's been productive for us even through the pandemic." 

Want to learn more about how Arizona's Family Marketing was able to help Larry H. Miller Hyundai succeed? Check out the full case review to discover more.  

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